Residential Window Installation & Replacement

Residential Window Installation & Replacement

Windows provide your home with natural light and ventilation.  They are available in a wide variety of styles, including double-hung, awning, and bay.  They also come in a variety of grid patterns and interior and exterior colors.  Replacement windows are energy-efficient and can reduce your energy cost.  If you need new or replacement windows, give MBA Roofing a call.  We offer a complete line of replacement windows to suit your home!




In a single-hung window the bottom panel, or sash, opens by sliding up to allow airflow.  The top sash is stationary and does not open.  This window style is less expensive than double-hung windows.



Double-hung windows open from both the top and bottom sash.  Each sash opens by sliding up and down.  Each sash also tilts inward to allow for easy cleaning of the outside glass.



Casement windows are hinged at the side and swing open much like a door.  Most casement windows open using a hand crank, although push open windows are available.  Casement windows provide full ventilation and allow for easy cleaning.

Awning Window 2


Awning windows are hinged at the top.  They swing outward from the bottom, allowing airflow even during a rain shower.  Awning windows are commonly paired with picture windows.  They also work well in small spaces and basements. 

Basement hopper


Similar in appearance to an awning window, but hopper windows are hinged at the bottom.  They open at the top, swinging into your house.  They are commonly found in basements and other small spaces. 



Sliding windows open by sliding horizontally, or side to side.  Two-lite sliding windows have two sashes and either one or both can be opened.  Three-lite sliding windows have three sashes and the center sash is stationary.

Picture Window


A picture window is stationary and does not open.  Picture windows are ideal for providing natural light and unobstructed views.  They can be paired with other window styles, such as casement or double-hung, to increase natural light and add ventilation.



Bay windows project outward from the home, creating instant curb appeal outside and extra space inside.  Bay windows consist of three windows, a large window in the center and a smaller window on each side.  This creates an angular look.



Similar to bay windows, bow windows project outward from the home, creating instant curb appeal outside and extra space inside.  Bow windows consist of four or five windows of equal size.  This gives bow windows a more rounded, curved appearance.

Garden Window


Similar to bay and bow windows, garden windows project outward from the home.  However, garden windows consist of several small windows in the shape of a box.  Garden windows feature venting side windows and optional shelves for plants and herbs.


Specialty Shaped

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including octagons and full circles, specialty windows add charm and style to any home.  These windows can be used alone or paired with other window styles.  Some specialty shape windows have an opening sash but most are stationary and do not open. 

Velux Skylights.tif


Skylights are installed on the ceiling, providing natural light while allowing for privacy.  Some skylights open to allow ventilation and others remain stationary.  MBA Roofing is proud to offer Velux skylights and sun tunnels.  Velux skylights are energy star rated and designed not to leak.  Most Velux skylights feature a rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight when it senses rain.  Remote controls and blinds are available with Velux skylights.