Warranty 101 Platinum Comparison-Residential (3) (1)

                                 LIMITED LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY


  1. Your Roofing System must cover the entire structure and be installed over a ventilated roof deck. Incomplete roofs installed on a portion of a building do not qualify nor do roofs installed over non-ventilated decks. Your Roofing System must be installed according to application requirements published by Owens Corning and in accordance with local building code requirements, which are in effect at the time of installation.
  2. Your Roofing System must be installed over a clean roof deck with all existing roofing material and debris removed, including, but not limited to felt, ice and water membrane, raised nails, flashing materials for chimneys, skylights, soil pipe boots, ridge and off-ridge vents, etc. Repairs must be made to any damaged areas, such as loose or cracked mortar on chimneys or rotten wood decking. Deck material must meet the following dimension tolerances: 6″ minimum width, 25/32″ minimum thickness roof deck boards, 3/8″ minimum thickness plywood sheathing or 7/16″ minimum thickness OSB (oriented strand board panels). Deck spacing cannot exceed 1/4″ between roof boards or between plywood or OSB sheathing. If we feel that the decking needs to be replaced or recovered, that will need to be done to receive the warranty.
  3. For your roof to qualify for the, MBA Roofing Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, we must
    1. Install Owens Corning Oakridge, Duration or Better shingles
    2. Install Rhino Synthetic Underlayment or Better
    3. Install Owens Corning ProEdge Hip & Ridge Shingles or Better
    4. Install Ice and Water Shield in Valleys and Transitions, Around All Flashing and Chimneys, Against Walls, and On All Slopes 3/12 and Under
    5. Install Lifetime Tool Ultimate Pipe Flashing
    6. Replace All Flashing, including but not limited to, Step, Apron, Counter Flashing
    7. Install Drip Edge on all Rakes and Eaves
    8. Ensure there is adequate ventilation in the roof.
    9. Perform Annual Inspections to your roof for the next 15 years.
  4. If anyone other than an MBA worker gets on the roof for any reason at all, MBA is to be contacted and will have to come out for an inspection that will cost the homeowner $150 for up to the first hour which includes travel time and $100 per hour after that. This is to ensure that the integrity of the roof system has not been compromised.  During our annual inspections, we will take pictures of the entire roof and compare them with the last inspection.  If we find that the roof has been damaged or changed by someone that has gotten on the roof without us being notified for a follow up inspection, the warranty will be void and downgraded to a 10 Year Workmanship Warranty
  5. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is Non-Transferable. A 10 Year Warranty will take the current warranties place when there is a change in ownership.

Limited Lifetime is defined by the life of the materials used on your roof, if MBA determines that the roof, roof accessories, or flashing etc. has reached the end of its life and no longer is able to protect the structure from outside elements, the warranty will be void until those items are repaired or replaced, this will not be at MBA’s cost. During the first 35 years of the Limited Lifetime Workmanship Period, if any part of your Roofing System is found to have an application defect or there are application errors in your Roofing System that cause leaks or materially affects the performance of your roof, MBA will repair your roof.  After the first 35 years of the MBA Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, a roof inspection will need to be performed to determine the integrity of the roof.  If the roof passes the MBA inspection, MBA will continue to warranty the workmanship of the roof for up to 15 more years.  If the roof fails the inspection and the roof is repairable, MBA will need to perform the repairs, at the cost of the homeowner, MBA will then continue to warranty the workmanship of the roof for up to 15 more years.  In order to keep the extended 15 year warranty, MBA will need to perform annual roof inspections at no extra cost to the homeowner.  If the roof fails the inspection and the roof is not repairable, MBA will not be able to continue the warranty past the first 35 years.


This warranty does not cover any problems with shingles or products caused by conditions or handling beyond our control. Some examples of conditions not covered by this warranty include:

  1. Acts of God, such as hail, strong storms, tornados, hurricanes, ice damming above the area covered by leak barriers or flashings, or snow or water infiltration through exhaust vents.
  2. Manufacturer defects or failures.
  3. Roof damage or leaks caused by pre-existing conditions, underlying roofing materials, underlying structural failures, settlement, or any defective areas on or near the roof that are not part of the Roofing System. Examples include but are not limited to chimneys with loose or cracked mortar, damaged siding, or improperly designed or installed gutter or downspout systems.
  4. Foot traffic on your roof or damage caused by objects (e.g., tree branches) falling on your roof.
  5. Damage to the Roofing System caused by alterations made after completion of application, including structural changes, equipment or solar panel installation, power washing, painting, or the application of cleaning solutions, coatings, or other modifications.
  6. Any damage due to debris, resins or drippings from foliage.

To make a claim under this warranty, you must do so within 1 day after you discover the problem. Pictures of the damage must be sent to the office phone (980) 241-1152 while MBA is contacted. If there are further damages done because MBA was not notified, we will not be held responsible. MBA will be out to inspect the roof within 1 day of your call to ensure that no further damage incurs. If we find that the damage was caused by something other than the workmanship of MBA, MBA will analyze the damages, discuss the findings with the homeowner, then see how to proceed with repairs if any needed by MBA.  If repairs are needed by another party that needs access to the roof, MBA is to be contacted after that party is finished with their repairs.